Write Rhymes and Act Like an Asshole

Mic Check

I’m no Comedian

My Bum is on Ya Lips

Tom Green and Mike have been friends for several years.  They met on the set of “ROAD TRIP” and Mike composed the scores for his film “FREDDY GOT FINGERED” and the upcoming “PRANKSTAR”.  Tom and Mike share a love of old-school hip-hop and endeavored to create an album which would fill the void for those who long for the days when rap music was fun.  “PREPARE FOR IMPACT” is the result of many hysterical recording sessions at Mike’s home studio.  They released the record in Canada (Tom’s homeland) in early 2006 and also embarked on two Canadian live tours (June ’05 and January ‘06) where they performed as “THE KEEPIN’ IT REAL CREW”  in what can only be described as a hip-hop circus.   The stage show featured rapping, scratching, beatboxing, improvised comedy routines, omelettes (prepared by champion street-skater JEREMY KLEIN ), and chicken wings (served from the stage by local Hooters waitresses).  The ELECTRIC PRESIDENTS performed as our opening act.   Both tours were filmed and the summer ’05 tour documentary (DVD) comes with the “PREPARE FOR IMPACT” CD.  

Here is a 7 minute preview of the June ’05 concert tour footage - There is over an hour of footage on the DVD that comes with the Canadian release of the album. 

Prepare for Impact